Submit To Win

In this democratic Web 2.0 world we live in if someone can put Presidential Policy in Paris’ pouty palette (video) then we should all be able to have others speak at our whim.  Now we can. lets you give voice to Paris, Obama, McCain that lady that was running for President or anyone of hundreds of other virtual shills.


Best of all we’ll pay you to make others speak your mind.  Well not so much pay as give you stuff that would otherwise cost you money.  By that we mean your own customized Beema model worth $20.  You can send us a picture of your dog, cat, Second Life avatar, World of Warcraft Character, newborn, whatever and we will turn it into a Beema model that only you can animate and send wherever you want.  To better understand what we’re talking about see the video below.


So here’s the deal.  Submit your Beema animation to and if we publish it here you’ll get a free custom Beema animation worth $20.  There is no limit to how many submissions you can make or how many custom Beema characters you can win.


So signup at if you haven’t already and start sending us your platitudes and Presidential Policy today.


Contest Video



 BeemaPlus – Custom Characters



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