Beema News – May 25, 2009

May 25, 2009

Beema’s Spores Anchor, MyBee, hosts this week’s news and discusses American Idol’s Kris Allen, Pringles, Michael Vick, Archie Andrews, Rush Limbaugh and MSNBC.


Beema News – May 13, 2009

May 13, 2009

This week’s Beema News covers Detroit’s new Mayor Dave Bing, Donald Trump, Miss California and her racy photos, Joan Rivers and a horrific dictation mishap.

Beema News – March 30, 2009

March 30, 2009

This week’s Beema News covers AIG, Barack Obama and the use of Google Docs, Marijuana, Rob Blagojevich, Rush Limbaugh, Chinese Condoms and Aaron Spelling’s $150 million estate.

Beema News – March 3, 2009

March 3, 2009

Beema’s News Anchor is back bringing stories about Congress and chimps, driving while breast feeding, Goodell and the Jets, Michael Jackson and Bubbles and more.

Beema News – February 26, 2009

February 26, 2009

Beema brings anchor fire power from the great beyond to deal with issue such as Sean Penn and the Oscars, President Obama and his speech to Congress, political infighting and more.

Beema News – February 10, 2009

February 10, 2009

Charly from Beema’s online database of characters handles this week’s News Summary covering topics ranging from Michael Phelps and Alex Rodriguez to Drunk Pilots and a 38KKK Bust.

Beema News – February 3, 2009

February 3, 2009

This week one of Yahoo’s Avatars is brought to life with the power of Beema to discuss news items related to Rod Blagojevich, Michael Phelps, war in the Middle East, Jim DeMint’s sanctimonious musings and one very fertile mother of fourteen.