Beema Inc. is a company that has taken over a decade of video and animation experience and concentrated it into an application that allows users to create their very own, custom animations or “Beemas” in seconds with nothing more than their mobile phone.   In this day and age where every site from MySpace to Facebook to YouTube to your favorite blogging application has the ability to play video with just a few button clicks the need for an easy way to create video is more important than ever.  With Beema a custom video is just a phone call away.

To create Beemas a user simply registers online at http://www.beema.com and selects their favorite characters (a celebrity, an animal, an alien) from Beema’s expansive character library. Once a user is registered all they need to do to create an animation is place a phone call to Beema’s toll free number and leave a message in their own voice. In seconds Beema will return an animation to the user’s email and mobile phone with their message being uttered through the lips of their personal character. Once the animation has been delivered, the user is free to do whatever they would like with their customized message: post it on MySpace, MMS it to their friends, send it to YouTube, or anything else one can imagine.

Beema is currently in Beta so not everyone that signs up will be given an account immediately.  However, we are growing the Beta Community everyday by accepting people off our waiting list in the order they signed up so get to the front of the line by signing up today.

Thanks for visiting the Beema Blog.

The Beema Team


Do U Beema?


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  1. Colleen says:

    I beema!!

  2. […] by Mercedes I have met a new blog friend at Beema Blog. His site is interesting! Check out his About section to learn about Beema. I got this video from is site. To all you animal lovers out […]

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