Beema News – February 26, 2009

February 26, 2009

Beema brings anchor fire power from the great beyond to deal with issue such as Sean Penn and the Oscars, President Obama and his speech to Congress, political infighting and more.


Beema News – October 27, 2008

October 27, 2008

President Clinton hosts this week’s Beema News Summary as we come down to the final days of the never-ending 2008 Presidential Election.

Beema News of the Weird – August 29, 2008

August 29, 2008

Beema’s News of the Weird including stories involving, voting dogs, a shafted President Clinton, a bitter Hillary Clinton and sex scandals ranging from John Edwards to Plastic Surgeons.

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Beema Contest

August 15, 2008


Calling all Pop Purveyors of Poignant, Pithy Platitudes and Presidential Policy for the opportunity to win a free custom Beema animation.


In this democratic Web 2.0 world we live in if someone can put Presidential Policy in Paris’ pouty palette then we should all be able to have others speak at our whim.  Now we can. lets you give voice to Paris, Obama, McCain and hundreds of other virtual shills.


Best of all, if you are funny and we post your animation made with the Beema service we will create a customized Beema model worth $20.  You can send us a picture of your dog, cat, Second Life avatar, World of Warcraft Character, newborn, whatever and we will turn it into a Beema model that only you can animate and send wherever you want.  


So here’s the deal. Go to and signup and choose a character.  Then call 800.700.0508 (US Only. India call 800.425.3633) and leave the message you want your character to say.  You’ll receive your completed animation in about 60 seconds which you can submit to us at  If we publish it here you’ll get that free custom Beema animation worth $20.  There is no limit to how many submissions you can make or how many custom Beema characters you can win.


So start making your animation now and most of all have fun!


Bush Discusses Unemployment and Hillary

June 11, 2008

President George Bush gives us some insight into recent unemployment numbers to supplement the Adam Smith economic report.

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McCain Approached By Clinton Camp

April 1, 2008

John McCain discusses a recent approach by the Clinton Camp due to his surge in the polls.

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Presidential Candidates Meeting In The Middle

March 25, 2008

Beema’s anchorman discusses what seems to be a meeting in the middle of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain.

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