Miley Cyrus and the Condom

It was announced that a condom company has asked the perpetually, paparazzi plagued Miley Cyrus to be a spokeswoman for their product.  If condoms are meant to protect you from paparazzi pricks that are trying to screw you, Miley’s perfect.


4 Responses to Miley Cyrus and the Condom

  1. I guess the Spears girls wouldn’t be good spokespeople, huh?

  2. beema says:

    With three kids between them maybe they would be good spokespeople as to what can happen without condoms.

  3. yahookid says:

    Have you seen Miley Cyrus scandalous pictures? what is your reaction regarding this? she should be the role model to younger kids. She should be more cautious in dealing with other people.

    See her picture at:

  4. condoms says:

    Miley has a large fan base, but are they too young for condom awarness?

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